101 Rider in Dry

101 Rider in Dry



  • Model's height:183 cm
  • Model is wearing Size: 32 Length 32
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Colours Dry (L9662941) FABRIC 100% Cotton

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Our Iconic Lee 101 Rider is the first slim jeans invented by Lee.

Made using premium quality right hand twill sevedge denim from the famed Kaihara mill in Japan, this is heavyweight denim in every sense. It is a strong ring spun fabric that will feel rigid and authentic to wear. Recyceld cotton forms 30% of this fabric.

The denim is a pure black with a dry and clean finish. With years of wear in it, this one will gradually wear into shape over time with creases and fade that reflect your lifestyle.

The contrast thread and brass buttons complete a classic heritage look while the blue selvage (or self-edge) on the fabric will flash knowingly from the turn-up, semaphoring the quality to anyone who understands.

How to wear it