Lee Jeans Fit Guides

Lee Jeans Fit Guides

Find out more about our styles and choose your perfect jeans fit with the Lee men’s and women’s fit guides.


So you’ve considered our fits and know exactly which style you’d like to go for, now it’s time to find the best size. Our men’s and women’s size guides have been created to ensure you get the perfect fit for jeans every time. Simply grab a tape measure, read our helpful guides, and measure your body according to the instructions in the guide. Once you’ve got your measurements in hand, you can use our comprehensive size chart to determine your Lee jeans size. Check out our men’s and women’s size guides and order your ultimate pair today.

Find your perfect fit

At Lee, we know that finding the right pair of jeans for you is important. With a huge variety of different types of jeans available, making it easier for you to find your perfect fit is top of our list. If you’re keen to find a pair of jeans that will expertly accompany everything else in your wardrobe, or you’d like to learn more about our jean types, look no further than the Lee jeans fit guide. With guides for both men’s and women’s fits, each jeans fit guide covers all of our styles in depth, ensuring you know exactly how to choose a pair to suit your style. Whether you’re keen to learn more about skinny fits and how you can style them or you’d like to find out if a pair of slim jeans would complement your casual style, our jeans guide has got you covered.

How to choose a pair of jeans

With so many styles available, jeans fit types can seem confusing when shopping for the perfect pair. Thankfully, our jeans fit guide includes everything you need to know about Lee jean types, ensuring you find the ideal pair to suit your needs. When it comes to choosing a pair of Lee jeans, whether it’s your first pair or you’re looking for a new fit to add to your collection, you’ll first need to consider your personal style. Do you typically lean towards regular or slim fits? Or are you looking for something outside your comfort zone, perhaps with a bootcut fit? Knowing what style you usually go for and what you’d like to try can help you narrow down your search. Our jean fit guides detail everything there is to know about every fit, so you can get to grips with the essentials before you make a decision. Each guide also explains how the jeans fit the body, enabling you to compare different styles in line with your own body type. You’ll also be able to check out how the jeans look so that you can determine whether they will match your current style or whether you can take the opportunity to update the rest of your wardrobe too.