For men’s jeans that are in style and fit you perfectly, our men’s jeans fit guide has got you covered. Explore and compare styles to find your ideal pair.


Compare types of men’s jeans

With many types of men’s jeans available at Lee, it can be tricky to know which fits are going to suit your style the most. Our men’s jeans fit guide has been created to help you get to grips with the different types of jeans for men, letting you compare all of our different styles. Whether you’ve always been into skinny jeans and want a stylish new pair, or you’re looking for a totally new fit to bring some variety to your wardrobe, our jean fit guides will help you out. Each fit guide will teach you everything you need to know about that style, helping you understand which jeans will suit you best and what you can pair them with. Best of all, there really is a fit for everyone - from classic straight legs to a casual regular style, you’re sure to find the ideal pair with our handy men’s jeans fit guide.

How should jeans fit men?

Our guides are designed to help you find the right fit to suit your style and body type, so you can wear your new jeans with confidence. Each guide will tell you how each style should fit you, detailing the cut and length, as well as how each style should be worn. How jeans should fit men will depend on the style. For example, slim fits are a relaxed cut, offering a casual fit that can be worn for any everyday occasion while skinny jeans comprise tight leg openings that look slick and stylish for more formal affairs. Using our men’s jeans fit guides can help you compare and contrast several different types of jeans to ensure you pick the perfect fit every time, whether you opt for a loose fit, a classic cut, or something in between.