With a vast amount of choice when it comes to women’s jeans styles, it’s not always easy to find the right pair. We’ve created a series of fit guides to help you find your perfect fit every time.


Compare types of women’s jeans

At Lee, our comprehensive denim range includes several types of women’s jeans, with something to suit every style and body type. To help you find the ideal pair, our women’s jeans guides are on hand with everything you need to know about each fit. You might already know the type of style you’re looking for. In which case, our fit guide will help you learn more about that style and how you can personalise it to suit your look. If you are keen to completely change your wardrobe and are open to new styles of women’s jeans, our fit guides offer you the chance to compare them all. Explore all of the fits in each cut, from super skinny to relaxed flares, and uncover all the details you’ll need to know to help you find the ultimate pair of jeans.

How should women’s jeans fit?

Every woman is an individual with her own unique style, and our clothes are no exception. With so many types of women’s jeans available at Lee, it’s essential that you find the right styles to suit your body type and desired look. But how should jeans fit women? In simple terms, it really depends on the fit you choose and how they feel most comfortable. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of jeans, whether it’s a brand new style outside of your comfort zone or a style you’re already accustomed to, our fit guides will help you identify the right fit to suit your individual style. Each guide tells you everything you need to know about a particular fit, enabling you to compare cuts, lengths, and rises from skinny jeans and slim fits to relaxed jeans and back-in-style flares.